About Us

Our Name, Our Core Values, Our Promise

Our Name

QuantePhi, pronounced phonetically as ‘Quantify’, is a testimony to the philosophy of balanced and objective reasoning. The arrival of any conclusion or recommendation is preceded by deep objective analysis, often accompanied by unbiased quantitative techniques.

Our name also incorporates the Greek alphabet Phi, which is the symbol for the Golden Ratio or Golden Mean. In mathematics and arts, quantities which are in the Golden Ratio relative to one another are said to be in a state of elegant proportionality. In philosophy, the golden mean is an attribute of beauty; the golden mean symbolises symmetry, harmony and proportion. In nature, Phi manifests itself in many naturally occurring shapes and phenomena, one of the best known being the Nautilus Shell.

Our Core Values

We adhere to our core values as a strong moral compass which guides us in all that we say and do. We shall continually strive to personify these values in both our professional and personal lives. Our five core values are;



We strive to be balanced and considered in all that we do, in our decisions and our actions. We strive for the optimal in all of our endeavors.


We are men of our word ; what we say is truly a commitment from our heart. Trust is the basis of all our relationships. We hold on to the true and just, always.


We don’t settle for anything less. We hold on to the highest standards and are not satisfied with second. We constantly strive to improve and this desire for continuous optimisation fuel our desire to further innovate and impart change.


We act and do so swiftly. We abhor “analysis paralysis” and we shall flex and be nimble when faced with hurdles and challenges.


Alas we are all human and we are not infallible. The key to success is to first realise one’s mortality through introspection and admission. With humility, we leave egos behind and only embrace the path of corrective action, for the common good of ourselves and our clients.



Our Promise

QuantePhi is only guided by its moral compass of its five core values, as it endeavours to seek out a balanced solution for the client.

As such, we shall call a spade a spade, and with great deference, respect and tact to the client, deliver a message of unadulterated truism and construct pragmatic solutions based on that fact, with the sole objective of optimising the clients’ wellbeing.



Who We Are

QuantePhi Sdn Bhd under licensed for Capital Markets Services License (CMSL) and Capital Markets Services Representative’s License (CMSRL) entitled an institution and individual to carry on the corporate advisor where the license under Securities Commission.